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Secondary school in Tokeh, Sierra Leone funded by The Place resort in the same town. 2016.
This image won the Guardian Photographer 'Been There' competition for 2011. Taken in an adult literacy class supported by The Sella Community Project in Kamakwie.
Children sit waiting for their teacher in Lahachowk at the Kent College Nepal Primary School. (2012)
Tokeh Senior School in Tokeh, Sierra Leone. Funded by The Place resort. 2016
Blanca is a member of the Street Child World Cup's Nicaraguan team 2014. Here she takes part in an art class in Nicaragua.
Children learning in their small classroom supported by the Char Char Trust in Nankhufi, Malawi (2010)
A school receives benefits from the social premium from Fairtrade cotton in Yanfolila in Mali (2012).
Children at the Avacado Tree School in Nicaragua. Taken for the Amos Trust in 2013
Santos revisits his old school in Freetown. 2014 for the Craig Bellamy Foundation
Children learning in the Keyitt General Primary School in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia (2012)
A young learner at the Artyzan Academy in Puducherry, India. This academy is supported by Children of the World India.
Children peering into a class in progress in Lahachowk, Nepal. An education is not a right everyone has access to. (2012)
Young women make up for a missed education in an adult literacy class in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone (2011)
Rabiatu in her classroom in Makeni, Sierra Leone. Her education is funded by the Craig Bellamy Foundation
Salle and Natina sound outside their grade six classroom in Kolflo, Mali. This image was taken for the 2012 MRDF Harvest Pack.
Getting the alphabet learnt in Grade 1 in The Gambia. 2014
Children at the Avacado Tree School in Nicaragua. Taken for the Amos Trust in 2013
Girls ready for class near Brufut in The Gambia. 2014
Waiting the for the teacher to start the class in Makeni, Sierra Leone.Taken for the Craig Bellamy Foundation. 2014
Suliaman wants to answer the question at the Craig Bellamy Foundation Academy in Tombo, Sierra Leone. 2014
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