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Priest having a rest in the Pura Beji Temple, Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Bali (2015)
Fisherman and helpers off the coast of Giporlos, The Philippines (2015)
Osman Kamara learns new computer skills with The Dorothy Springer Trust in Sierra Leone (2014)
Tourism dhow, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique (2013)
Isatu restarting her business. Portraits of Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone (2015). Image for All We Can
Market seller, Sukawati, Bali (2015)
Tossing the caber, Isle of Skye Highland Games, Scotland (2014)
A coffee seller takes a rest in Nicaragua (2013)
Tunisia is a country of opportunists and as our car broke down on top of a sand dune a few minutes away from the Star Wars film set we saw three little figures dashing across the sand as fast as their legs could carry them. The fact they made it before we got back in the car was impressive enough to get them a sale! (2012)
Kadiatu, an ICT student at the Dorothy Springer Trust in Sierra Leone (2015)
A flower seller outside the Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple in Puducherry, India. (2012)
Two friends running a small business stall in Kamakwie marketplace in Sierra Leone. (2011)
Fishermen, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique (2013)
Chef in Morocco (2013)
Baro and Korika are friends that are part of a women's cooperative in Kolflo, Mali. This image was shot as part of the Methodist Relief and Development Fund's 2012 Harvest Pack.
Waldo is a beekeeper in central Ethiopia. The small business project is supported by one of MRDF's partners in the country. (2012)
A woman working on her market stall in southern Mali in the small town of Yanfolila (2011)
Market seller, Serrekunde Market, The Gambia. (2014)
Silversmith, Ibo Island, Mozambique (2013)
A tailor working in his small business room in Bentota, Sri Lanka (2010)
Tailor, Ibo Island, Mozambique (2013)
A sari maker in Tamil Nadu, India (2012)
A sari maker in Tamil Nadu, India (2012)
Metal worker in Marrakech, Morocco (2013)
Women wash and scale the catch of the day on Paradise Beach, The Gambia. (2014)
A desert horseman sells rides on the back of his horse to tourist and while waiting for sales shows some of his confident moves! Tunisia (2012)
Fresh fish seller in Thanjavur, India. (2012)
Fisherman on Paradise Beach in The Gambia stops for a smoke. (2014).
Hat seller in Marrakech, Morocco (2013)
Shop assistant, Ibo Island, Mozambique (2013)
A Berber woman opens up her traditional cave side dwelling for tourists, Tunisia (2012)
Shop owner in Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia (2013). The whole town is painted in blue and white.
Silversmith, Ibo Island, Mozambique (2013)
Orange juice seller. Paradise Beach, The Gambia. (2014)
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